Friday, June 01, 2007

"Is Christianity Good for the World?" (Updated)

CT - Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson debate (NEW Final 6th part posted this week.)

Here is the full commentary (and various posts) of Douglas Wilson regarding this debate.

Refer below for commentary on this debate (move from bottom to top):

Wilson & Hitchens, Part 6

Wilson & Hitchens, Part 5

Wilson & Hitchens, Part 4

Responses to Wilson vs. Hitchens

Wilson & Hitchens, Part 3

Laws of Logic

Presuppositionalism 102

The Gospel & Presuppositionalism

Wilson introduces presuppositionalism to Hitchens

Connected to this overall conversation is Douglas Wilson's posts on the following topics:

The Odd Delusion (Commentary of Richard Dawkins' book entitled The God Delusion)

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