Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ressourcement and Personalism

A question was asked in the comments of an earlier post on the relationship between Ressourcement and Personalism. This is a complicated subject, but I will attempt to answer the question the best way I can. I appreciate any input someone can give on this topic as well.

Ressourcement was more of a movement in theology with an influence especially from the arts (literature, poetry, etc.). Peguy, Claudel, Bloy & Bernanos are some of artists that had a great impact on Ressourcement thought, in addition, to de Lubac, Danielou, Balthasar, etc.

Personalism is more of a specific field (Phenomenology) within philosophy (Catholic in particular), but it also touches upon sociology, psychology, economics, politics, etc. Kant, Husserl, Heidegger, Mounier, E. Stein, D. von Hildebrand, Scheler, Maritain, Woytla, Taylor, Marion, Crosby, & N. Clarke are some personalist thinkers that come to mind.

Many of these thinkers in both camps knew each other or were at least familiar with each others thought. For example, any theologian who has been influenced by the thought of Woytla (Pope JPII) is a personalist to some extent or the other. This doesn't mean though that he cannot also be simultaneously a student of de Lubac, Balthasar, etc.

Dr. David L. Schindler has done some great work on this overall topic. I refer you to Chapter 10 ("Thomism" and the Human Person) of his book, Heart of the World, Center of the Church. I also refer you to the three below articles in Communio, Fall 2004 (Volume 31, no. 3).

W. Norris Clarke
The Integration of Being in Twentieth-Century Thomism

Kenneth L. Schmitz
To Father Norris Clarke, in Appreciation

Adrian J. Walker
Personal Singularity and the Communio Personarum: A Creative Development of Thomas Aquinas' Doctrine of Esse Commune
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