Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Austrian vs. Distributist Debate

The Church and the Libertarian

The Church and the Libertarian: A Review

The debate continues...

The Austrian Version of the English Enclosures

The Austrian Version of the English Enclosures Part II

The Austrian Version of the English Enclosures Part III

Christopher Blosser and I co-wrote a post together giving the long history of this debate with important links to documents going back over several years - Thomas Woods and His Critics, The Austrian vs. Distributist Debate Among Catholics.

After studying Libertarianism and Austrian Economics for a couple years here is my judgment over a several posts at TAC. These posts generated quite a discussion in the comments.

Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged

Should Catholics Support Ron Paul?

One shoe size too small

Libertarianism vs. Catholicism

A Union of Conservatives and Libertarians?

I am concerned about the Libertarian/Anarcho-Capitalist (Austrian Economist) take-over of certain print and online publications such as The American Conservative and Crisis Magazine. Both TAC and Crisis had died as a print publications. They maintained an online presence though. I suspect one or more wealthy Libertarian benefactors helped to resurrect these publications and now greatly influences the direction of these magazines/websites. For example, check out the videos at Crisis Magazine. This is suppose to be a Catholic website, but it seems to me to be more oriented toward leading Catholics into the Austrian Economic camp. Why should Catholics be concerned about this Libertarian take-over? Well simply because much of Catholic Social Ethics contradict with Austrian Economics which I talk about in my above TAC posts.

Listen I recognize that Crisis always had somewhat of a political orientation. I am familiar with Deal Hudson's history, but Republican thought didn't and doesn't necessary contradict the teachings of the Church. Libertarian ideology does. Regarding TAC, it was a traditional and paleo-conservative publication, not a libertarian one. The paleo-conservatives and paleo-libertarians are now attempting some type of unity. Is that a good thing? Maybe and maybe not. I am very happy to see that Rod Dreher is actually blogging again. I feel he represents the best of modern traditional conservative thought.

I encourage a discussion now right here on my own blog regarding the topics on this post. Please share your thoughts and opinions.

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