Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Test Everything; Hold Fast to What Is Good

Christ is in our midst!

I was recently asked in the comments of a post to explain why I post the things I do on my blog.

1. Very simply, if I find something of personal interest on the WWW I post it. It's not always something purely "theological," even though everything goes back to that (Something Within Something) eventually anyway. This is not a website, but a blog, a web-log. Different folk have different styles for their blogs which is fine, but this is my style. I respect your freedom in choosing to participate in it if something provokes you.

2. The most important posts on this site are the ones in the Classic Posts. The articles/interviews they refer you to are consistent with what I consider to be the very best available from what I have been able to find on the WWW.

3. La Nouvelle Theologie or Ressourcement is a "living tradition." That's why I have the folks in the title picture that I do. They represent both the past and the present. My views are very consistent with those whom I consider to be the leading thinkers today in this school or movement, including Pope B16, David L. Schinder, Tracey Rowland, Julián Carrón, etc. This includes looking at and evaluating a variety of topics from modernity to liberalism, from capitalism to the War in Iraq, etc. All of these things I find a great personal interest in exploring. Why? Because this is reality. This is the world we live in, the good with the bad.

4. The disposition that I desire to hold to the best of my fallen human abilities is that of embracing all of reality. This includes judging everything including current events in politics, economics, international relations/foreign affairs, etc. Together with my friends I verify what is true, beautiful and good. This is the method that Christ taught us. Everyday I beg Our Lady for the ability to live life as she did.

5. I reject the ideologies of the left and right. I desire to have the mindset of the Church on all matters. I take the teachings of the Magisterium seriously and accept them. If I do not understand them, I study them begging for insight from Sacred Scripture and from the writings of the Saints. I approach all the teachings of the Magisterium with great humility. I recognize that I am a sinner, the chief among sinners. I am saved only through the grace and mercy of God.
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