Monday, July 18, 2005

Whig Thomists vs. Augustinian Thomists

In a recent post, an extensive dialog occurred in the comments. If you are not familiar with this multi-decade long debate and would like to know more about it, a good introduction was provided in this tNP article. tNP publishes articles, which touches upon this debate in nearly every issue. It's a subject near and dear to the heart of the tNP editors. Christopher Blosser has also built a beautiful website & related blog,which collects many of the on-line articles in regards to this on-going conversation.

For those of you who would like to sink your teeth into books related to this topic, I recommend the following:

Catholicism and Secularization in America: Essays on Nature, Grace and Culture

Heart of the World, Center of the Church: Communio Ecclesiology, Liberalism, and Liberation

Wealth, Poverty, and Human Destiny

Culture and the Thomist Tradition: After Vatican II

The End of Democracy?
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