Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Freemasonry and America, Part II

My comments in response to Christopher's new post - Re: "Freemasonry and America"

Christopher - you state the following:

What's beyond dispute is the fact that the Catholic faith and Freemasonry are irrevocably opposed -- the various encyclicals of the Popes not to mention the reaffirmation by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith prohibiting membership in the Masonic order is testament to that.

The questions that you must ask yourself are as follows - 1. What exactly does the Church teach about Freemasonry?, 2. Why does the Church teach what it teaches about Freemasonry?

At a minimum if you're a faithful Catholic, a red flag should go up when you hear about Freemasonry or Masons. It should concern you that Ben Franklin, Samuel Adams, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and countless others of our Founding Fathers were active & practicing Masons. These were the very architects of our government!

Read the below article. It comes off the same site that you referenced. Pay attention to the names it mentions as Masons plus the meaning of many of our most important national symbols. Sandra Meisel is sorely mistaken or misinformed in her review. I have many, many problems with her review, but let's just say for now that these symbols have a deep Occult significance and they were not done by accident. Read the below article. This is only the beginning.

Masonry in US History -- through 1846

By every account, our Founding Fathers (the above men) were giants among men. They were brilliant, many of them geniuses in every regard, especially men like Franklin & Jefferson. I don't buy the argument that they were just Masons for social reasons... They didn't really believe the ideology of Masonry. Knowing these mens intelligence, it much more reasonable to believe that they knew exactly what they were doing and why. They subscribed to the ideology of Masonry and lived their lives accordingly.

Christopher - you go on to state:

However, David contends that 'the logic of the Founding Fathers is a mixed-bag of Masonic, Enlightenment, and classical principles' -- and that is precisely the question that I'd like to look into during the course of my reading: to what degree the philosophical foundations of the American experiment was tainted by Enlightenment [and/or Masonic] presuppositions?

Exactly! You are very familiar with the thought of the Whig Thomists, but are sorely lacking in your understanding of the thought of the Augustinian Thomists. Take to heart what Schindler, Rowland, Craycraft, Kraynak, and others are saying, but first you must read them. Stop giving lip service and move out. Get to work my friend!

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