Tuesday, August 23, 2005

imago Dei

Acton Notes - Special Symposium Issue

Looking back over the years since Kris Mauren and I considered the ideas that became the Acton Institute, I realize what a miracle took place. What began as an unformed thought about the underpinnings of the good society took form as a seed. That seed germinated, took root, and sprung up - it has borne fruit. I can safely say from experience that this idea has had consequeces and now we can see the horizon of our fifteenth anniversary.

...I have heard the comment from some that Acton's work is very complex, and from others that it is rather simple. That starting point is simple. We believe that the human person was fashioned as imago Dei, after the very likeness of the Creator, and we believe in the human institutions that exits to protect the right to life, liberty, and property. Still, our work becomes complex as we apply these
foundational ideas to real situations. - Rev. Robert A. Sirco, President of the Acton Institute
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