Wednesday, November 02, 2005

How Charles Carroll Influenced U.S. Founding Fathers

ZENIT - Scott McDermott on the Catholic Signer of Declaration of Independence, Part One and Part Two

A close friend from grad. school sent me a complete copy of a very controversial talk given to the St. Thomas More Society in Dallas, TX by Scott McDermott. Send me an e-mail if you desire to have it. Refer to the following quotes (you'll have to read the entire talk for context):

"...Carroll brought the Catholic political tradition into the American founding..." (p. 4)

"...the Founding Fathers, in their recovery of natural law and in other ways ...unknowingly reinvented the Catholic political tradition..."(p.6)

"...the United States was the first political system in the history of the world to base its constitution explicitly on the concept of natural law, which has its roots in Catholic tradition." (p.7)

"...Catholic traditionalists, who are the dynamic force in our Church today, fell quite lukewarm about the American experiment. Many traditionalists refuse to exert themselves for a republic founded, as they see it, by Deists and masons." (p. 17)

"Essentially we have accepted the propaganda coming out of academia, that the American Revolution had nothing to do with religion. The historical truth is far different." (p. 17)

A lot of cyber ink has been spilled on this topic. Refer to my classic post - Freemasonry and America, which provides the history (links) of this dialog.
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