Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Jones Roundup 16

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Perfect (intuitive) self-awareness would be an awareness of one's own origin from God and thus an indirect intuition of God. Perfect love of self would be a love of this origin from God, of this gift-quality of one's own being; perfect self-love would thus be indirect love of God. The deeper, therefore, one's love of self, the closer it is to the love of God, which does not abolish the former. This is said ontologically speaking, without prejudice to a practical education in the love of God, which naturally cannot be attained through introversion but only through the 'leap out of oneself.' - Balthasar, The Grain of Wheat, pg. 6.
Movements Seen as Sign of the Spirit at Work - Archbishop Forte Explains Their Place in the Church

Archbishop Rylko on New Movements - Pope Is Looking Forward to Their Meeting in Rome (Part One and Part Two)

Difference Is a Treasure, Says L'Arche Founder - Jean Vanier Comments on Love and Poverty

Cardinal Kasper on Catholic-Orthodox Ties - President of Council for Promoting Christian Unity Confident in Future
Sandro Magister
The Pope at Auschwitz: “They wanted to kill God”

The New Curia of Benedict XVI Looks toward Asia
Against the Grain - Benedict XVI's First Year

Tales from the Vienna woods by George Weigel
Return from Bohemia: Grant Wood and the Promise of American Regionalism by Bill Kauffman

The Joy of Conservatism: An Interview with Roger Scruton by Maxwell Goss with Roger Scruton
Crunchy Con
The St. Leibowitz Library

Culture Wars: James Davison Hunter

Culture Wars: Alan Wolfe

Re: Culture Wars

The coming Evangelical Left

Why should Evangelicals lay down power?

Hunter on Evangelical disaffection

A common culture?

War, and "war"

Politics and culture

The American Conservative - All-American Anarchists. Here is a book review by Rod Dreher of Look Homeward, America: In Search of Reactionary Radicals and Front-Porch Anarchists
The American Conservative - The Weakness of Empire
History has not dealt kindly with imperial ambitions, and America, however benevolent her intent, cannot hope to be an exception by Michael Vlahos

Pastor John Wright - Backblogging

TCRnews.com - Ecology and World Poverty: A Christian Response by Father Gittens, CS.Sp.

Orion - Your Lying Eyes, What a photograph can't show may be more critical than what it can.

National Catholic Register - Catholic Literary Revival? Novelists mixing faith and fiction

Prince Caspian Delayed Until '08
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