Friday, June 30, 2006

Summer at the Vatican

It's definitely summer at the Vatican. Further proof of this is that the Pope, together with his trusty secretary, Msgr Georg Ganswein, and the four laywomen of the Memores Domini who assist in the papal apartment, will be spending Tuesday night watching the World Cup semifinal pitting the German pontiff's native side against the Italians.

This news comes from no less a source than Ganswein, who told the ADNKronos news agency that, indeed, Germany-Italy "is at the center" of discussion and interest in the papal apartments. A big-screen television is being brought in just for the occasion, to boot.

But who's the Ratzi-Bear rooting for? While Ganswein readily admitted to waving the flag for Germany, and the MD contingent are hard-core Italy fans, he made it known that "The Pope is always impartial and will have as great a heart on Tuesday for Germany as for the team of blue," a reference to the Italian side.

Apparently, on Friday, Georg was watching the match against Argentina that won Germany its semifinal berth. The Pope was by his side, holding up dinner for a few minutes to keep an eye.

"Che palpitazioni!" Ganswein said of the game, which the Germans won on penalty kicks.

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