Thursday, June 22, 2006

We have lost the taste for discourse

So much has been said, O Queen of the Apostles,
We have lost the taste for discourse
We have no more altars but yours
We know nothing but a simple prayer.

Crowhill Weblog laments wasted time:

"For years the online crowd insisted that I shouldn’t consider becoming Catholic until I agreed with everything the Catholic Church taught. (The Mother Angelica version of the 'everything,' of course.)

Fortunately, I eventually spent some time talking to a priest about all this. (I’d spoken to priests before, but it was always in 'apologetics' mode, not in 'What do I need to do to become Catholic?' mode.) I told him I had some issues with the church’s teaching on the papacy and on contraception, and he said (the online crowd would have crucified him), 'I want to work with you on those things, but they shouldn’t be a barrier to you coming into the church.'

Eight years wasted on silly arguments.

So …. Online stuff has its place. You can learn some of the details of the debates from resources online. You can get talking points. You can find all the bullets for your Sunday School presentation on Isaiah 22 and the papacy. But when it comes to actually believing any of it, or deciding what Catholisicm is all about, or whether you’d like to be a Catholic, get off the computer and talk to a priest."

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