Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New book from Ignatius

Christians in China: A.D. 600 to 2000
Fr. Jean Charbonnier

Christianity first came to China by way of the Silk Road in the seventh century, and ever since this great and enduring civilization in the heart of Asia has been home to brothers and sisters of Christ. Christians in China, A.D. 600 to 2000 chronicles the lives of the Chinese faithful who through the centuries have been both accepted and rejected by their own countrymen. It explores the unique religious and political situations in which Chinese Christians, Catholic and Protestant, have struggled to live their faith and give witness to Christ.

This major work covers each of the historic periods in China with a focus on the development of Christianity and its cultural interaction in each period. It shows the evolution of Christianity as it occurred within the People's Republic of China. While telling the stories of various Christians throughout Chinese history, the author tries to answer a few key questions. They are: How the did the Church develop over many centuries in a culture so different from ours? How do Christians in China give witness to their faith? How do they contribute to the life of the universal Church? Illustrated.

Fr. Jean-Pierre Charbonnier, M.E.P., was a missionary priest in Singapore for 34 years. He studied and became very familiar with the culture and history of China during those many years there, and this book comes out of that work.
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