Saturday, December 01, 2007

2 news books of D. Stephen Long

Theology and Culture: A Guide to the Discussion (Cascade Companions)

D. Stephen Long offers two new books to readers interested in theology and culture and theological economics. With Wipf and Stock's Cascade label, Long offers Theology and Culture: A Guide to the Discussion, a short introduction to the various (and often confused or confusing) uses of the word culture in contemporary conversations.
This work, as the title suggests, offers a bird's eye view of the state of play between theology and culture. It provides a valuable summary of the contribution of Richard Niebuhr to the subject, but also suggests there is a need to revise Niebuhr's classifications in the wake of the rising influence of the theology of Henri de Lubac common to both the Radical Orthodoxy and Communio Catholic scholars. From de Lubac's perspective, Christ transforms cultures, rather than standing aloof outside them. The dynamics of this transformation is now a pressing theological concern which flows over confessional boundaries. - Tracey Rowland, author of Culture and the Thomist Tradition: After Vatican II (Radical Orthodoxy)
Calculated Futures: Theology, Ethics and Economics

And, if you go to the Baylor University Press website, you can read passages from Calculated Futures: Theology, Ethics, and Economics, co-authored with Nancy Fox and Tripp York. Here Long, et al., seek to chart a path between neo-conservatism and the Christian left to craft a theology of economics.

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