Monday, December 10, 2007

Mitt Romney Speaks on Faith and Politics

Here are various responses from all around the country.

Transcript: "Faith in America" - Mitt Romney

Richard Land: Romney Speech Reflections - BeliefNet

Richard Land: A Hope List for Romney's Speech - BeliefNet

Dr. Richard Land on Mitt Romney's Decision to Give Speech Explaining His Speech - Fox News

Romney: I'll Serve Nation, Not Church - Guardian

Moral Principles and a Common Course - Family Research Council

Faith vs. the Faithless - NY Times


De Regno Christi - Jeffersonians All by D.G. Hart


From Kennedy to Romney: 47 Years of Judicial War Against American Freedom of Religion
by Newt Gingrich


Mitt's Hour of Power by PJB


a couple posts over at the Crunchy Con blog

The Romney speech: two thumbs up!

A Mormon reader writes


Refer to the numerous posts Mormonism in general and on Romney's speech in particuliar by Ross Douthat over at The (read older posts from bottom to top)


numerous posts on this topic over at Andrew Sullivan's blog (read older posts from bottom to top)

The Bitter Mormon Truth

The One And Original, Ctd.

Americanism As A Religion

"Bishop Romney," Ctd.

The One and Original

The Theodemocrat


Was This Photo Staged? Update

A Rudyite Responds To Romney

"No Room For Non-Believers"

The Romney Speech

The Mormons: We're Politically Neutral

Self-Parody Watch

Romney Round-Up

The Romney Speech

Romney, Flip-Flopping On Faith?

Romney's Problem Today

Ron Paul on Mitt Romney

Bishop Romney

Mormonism's "Divided Soul"

Romney Talks Mormonism


And last but not least a couple do not miss posts by Christopher Hitchens

Mitt the Mormon

Holy Nonsense - Mitt Romney's windy, worthless speech

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