Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ignatius Press Book Meme (including bonus questions)

From the Ignatius Insight Blog

1. What was the first Ignatius Press book that you read?
  • Catholicism: Christ and the Common Destiny of Man by Henri de Lubac, a splendid synthesis of the sacramental and social justice dimensions of the Church.

2. The most recent Ignatius Press book that you read?
  • The Laity in the Life of the Counsels by Balthasar

3. What are your favorite Ignatius Press books?
  • Test Everything: Hold Fast to What is Good - Balthasar interviewed by Scola;
  • The Threefold Garland: the world's salvation in Mary's prayer - Balthasar on the rosary (his tiny summa);
  • The Moment of Christian Witness - Balthasar on dialogue and martyrdom (Truth is Symphonic is a nice companion to this one);
  • Ephesians (and Colossians) - Adrienne von Speyr's commentary on St. Paul;
  • The Laity and the Life of the Counsels: the Church's Mission in the World - Balthasar's essays over the years on the essentially lay apostolic character of the consecrated life;
  • Gospel, Catechisis, Catechism - Ratzinger introduces the Catechism of the Catholic Church, a great introduction to the kerygma;
  • The Christian State of Life by Adrienne von Speyr (but not Balthasar's book of the same name).
  • Explorations in Theology II: The Spouse of the Word - Balthasar's collected essays on ecclesiology including "Casta Meretrix" an exploration of the prostitution theme in the Fathers of the Church, and "The Layman and the Church" a brilliant understanding of the origin of the lay and ministerial levels of the Church in the life of Christ;
  • Church and State in Early Christianity - H. Rahner's introduction to the political thought of the first 800 years of the Church;
  • Theology in History by Henri de Lubac - collected theological essays.
  • The Drama of Atheist Humanism by Henri de Lubac
Looking over this list, what do I notice? These books tend to be shorter books or collections of essays.

4. What is your least favorite Ignatius Press book?
  • The Bacon Priest

5. How many Ignatius Press books have you read? Do you own?
  • about 55, about 55. I own about 7 that I haven't read and there's about 7 that I've read that I don't own.

6. What book do you wish Ignatius Press would publish?
  • patristics studies by Jean Daniélou and Hugo Rahner;
  • Charles Péguy's full trilogy on the three virtues.

7. What are the next Ignatius Press books you plan to read?
  • something by Louis de Wohl
  • Jesus of Nazareth by Benedict XVI
  • Joseph and Chico

BONUS Questions (the following questions have not been approved by Ignatius Press):

1. What books best complement Ignatius Press books
The Ressourcement series published by Eerdmans Publishing

2. What books did Ignatius Press miss?
  • Origen: Spirit and Fire published by CUA
  • The Portal of the Mystery of Hope by Charles Péguy published by Eerdmans
3. What are the best books published by Ignatius Press NOT written by Ratzinger/ B16, Henri de Lubac, Balthasar, or von Speyr?
  • The Cantata of Love - Arminjon on the Song of Songs;
  • The Hidden Manna - O'Connor on the history of the Eucharist.
  • Church and State in Early Christianity by H. Rahner
  • Morality: Memory and Desire by Luigi Giussani
  • novels by Louis de Wohl
4. Where did you buy your first Ignatius Press book?
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