Monday, April 06, 2009

Not Hans Küng... try again :)

"[Supernatural] Faith is anchored in what Jesus and the saints see.

Jesus, he who knows God directly, sees him. This is why he is the true mediator between God and man. His human act of seeing the divine reality is the source of light for all men. Nevertheless, we must not regard Jesus himself as one totally isolated, pushing him back into a remote historical past. We have already spoken of Abraham; let us now add that the light of Jesus is reflected in the saints and shine out through them. But the 'saints' are not only those persons who have been explicitly canonized. There are always hidden saints, too, who receive in their communion with Jesus a ray of his splendor, a concrete and real experience of God."
I've quoted this passage and the previous one because they help shed light on this question of the relation between natural faith and supernatural faith...

[Update: the above quote is from J. Ratzinger, Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures, p 107-108]
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