Monday, September 21, 2009

Balthasar, Family Life and the Counsels

"Few persons in the last century reflected with such profundity or at so great a length on the vast structures of cultural and Ecclesial life as did von Balthasar."
James Matthew Wilson poses a great question at Front Page Republic: "Sex, Eschatology, and Everyday Life," which is the source of the above quote. Here's a snippet of Wilson's main concern:
"And so, above all, von Balthasar seems to misinterpret the Church’s great concern for the support, vitality, and centrality of marriage and the family to its life and the life of civil society. He transforms a tradition, rooted in the practical questions that all human persons confront and intended to inform how society as a whole has been historically and ought to be structured, into one that appears more and more like the rarified province of speculative theology. No, not just that, but the province of a speculative theology descending exclusively from of the ether of eschatological, as opposed to all other, concerns."
I thank Professor Wilson for raising this topic, and will attempt to post some quotes here in order to draw out Balthasar's main points on the Evangelical Counsels (Matthew 19), ethics, and the laity.
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