Saturday, September 05, 2009

Germain Grizez: The Way of the Lord Jesus

The Lord Jesus is the way, and he blazes the way. His way is not easy, but the view at the top will be stupendous! He told his apostles to make disciples, baptize them, and teach them “to observe all that I have commanded you” (Mt 28.20). As hikers are guided by the steel cables, Jesus’ disciples are guided by his commandments, which are taught best by the Catholic Church. The first volume of The Way of the Lord Jesus explores the foundations of the Church’s moral teaching; volume two explains it, and volume three shows how to apply it in daily life.
The Way of the Lord Jesus by Germain Grizez. The full text of these volumes is now available online.

The three volumes of The Way of the Lord Jesus were written primarily for use as textbooks in Catholic seminaries and as handbooks for Catholic priests. Many others, nevertheless, have taken advantage of the books’ well-organized and clearly written treatment of topics and the many study helps—highlighting essentials, putting secondary points in appendices and notes, and providing plentiful references to sources along with crisp summaries.
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