Saturday, February 20, 2010

Short Review: Balthasar's The Laity & the Life of the Counsels 70% off sale Book page at Ignatius Press

The Laity In The Life Of The Counsels
The Church's Mission in the World

This book collects essays first published from 1949-1987. The essays articulate a theology of the laity rooted in the experience of secular institutes and ecclesial movements, drawing on the (mostly) lay roots of religious orders in the history of the Catholic Church.  Along the way, there are also incisive examinations of Catholic Action and Karl Rahner's theology of the laity, both of which harbor a kind of clericalism and yet are both implicit in many discussions of the laity today. The strength of this collection is that it highlights insights which have arisen in the face of emerging phenomena of Christian life. This book would be well complemented with historical studies to give it a bit more context. This book would also be a primary source for these histories.
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