Friday, March 26, 2010 is there...something greater than sin, something radically greater than sin?

Communion and Liberation. Traces Editorial April 2010. 
Pope Letter: Greater than Sin.

Below is the beginning, followed by the link to the pdf document: 

"There would be much to discuss about the events that led Benedict XVI to write his Letter to the Catholics of Ireland, and we could do this by starting from the facts, the numbers, and the data which, if looked at attentively, reveal a reality much less enormous than appears from the ferocious media campaign.Or we could start from the contradictions of those who, in the same newspaper, denounce certain wicked deeds, but after a few pages justify everything and everybody, especially in matters of sex.We could do this, and perhaps it would help to understand the context of a Church really under attack, whatever its errors may be.Only the Pope’s humble and courageous gesture pointed attention toward the heart of the question."
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