Monday, March 29, 2010 'a rationale for calling Vatican III?'

Thanks to Google. Click on the linked phrase for a timeline search on 'Vatican III':
"Aug 22, 1968 - A clear call for a Vatican III Ecumenical Council was seen this week by the National Catholic  Reporter in response to what it called the worldwide crisis caused by the birth-control encyclical of Pope Paul VL. "Such an action. may well seem even more improbable than a Papal resignation ..." [LA Times]
In case you wondered when the first cry for a Vatican III emanated from the penumbra of leftist American Catholics, it was certainly within five years of the close of Vatican II. I also find it interesting that there are no shortage of traditionalist cries for a Vatican III to rectify Vatican II! Vatican I was begun in 1864, and Vatican II was begun in 1962. When we get a bit closer to 2061, these cries for a new council will perhaps sound less unlikely. Or perhaps the Church will find that all of the synods and other meetings enable her to get by without these dramatic convocations... what do you think?
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