Wednesday, March 31, 2010 On the Square: review: Nouvelle Théologie & Sacramental Ontology/Matthew Levering

First Things: On the Square
"A Return to Mystery"
Mar 31, 2010
Matthew Levering reviews:
Nouvelle Théologie and Sacramental Ontology by Hans Boersma

"Boersma’s book is much more than a survey of key aspects of the ressourcement approach, although it is that. Nouvelle Théologie and Sacramental Ontology opens up a new way of interpreting the ressourcement theologians. Against the tendency to read them primarily within intra-Catholic debates, Boersma shows that their most important contribution consisted in their attack on the rationalisms of the twentieth century. At their best, these men called their contemporaries to understand all aspects of reality— from human desire, to existence itself, to Scripture, history, and the Church— as pointers to something infinitely greater than can be canvassed by the empirical method or logical analysis."
This looks interesting, and the points summarized in this review sound promising - although it also sounds as if Boersma has an unexamined understanding of patristic neoplatonism (something which I have also seen in certain other Evangelical theologians). 
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