Sunday, March 21, 2010

Opinion: Health Care Bill: Bart Stupak 'Limits the Harm'

Catholic Online - Deacon Keith Fournier
We Catholics must not first be "conservatives", "liberals", neo-conservatives"," progressives" .... or any other of those limiting political labels. We are Catholic Christians first, last and all in between. The true Social teaching of the Catholic Church has too often been co-opted by both the left and the right.It needs to be liberated from these limitations and offered as the path to prevent the collapse of Western Civilization.

I have also said for many years that I would welcome a United States of America where both major political parties began with the fundamental truth - the very heart of any authentic vision of Social Justice - the first and foundational principle - the recognition that every human life, from conception to natural death, has human dignity. There simply IS a fundamental Human Right to Life and abortion is not a "right"- it is a wrong - no matter what the US Supreme Court said in those horrid opinions in Roe and Doe...
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