Monday, August 02, 2010

La Nouvelle Theologie: They Think They've Won?

"[Henri] De Lubac's book [Catholicism] was a tapestry, a composition formed of selections from unknown Church Fathers and from the great theology of the saints – actually the oldest theology, which could only appear as nouvelle théologie to certain reactionaries. And as for his Surnaturel, for which he had to languish in the Caves du Vatican for decades, it was nothing else but the simple recovery of an important aspect of Augustine and Aquinas. At that time this constituted a heretical innovation for the most celebrated theology professors and to this day for certain cardinals, although these so-called innovations have become common currency for everyone. These have been misused by a few in an entirely different form, in no way intended by the author."
Test Everything, Balthasar interviewed by Scola, 14-15 (original published 1986)
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