Sunday, June 12, 2011

new articles of Sandro Magister on Vatican II

Only Beauty Will Save Us
In view of a new encounter between Benedict XVI and artists, two blistering criticisms of the Church hierarchy. From art historian Jean Clair and philosopher of aesthetics Enrico M. Radaelli

Religious Freedom. Was the Church Also Right When It Condemned It?
Benedictine theologian Basile Valuet weighs in on the dispute over Vatican Council II. Against the traditionalists Gherardini and de Mattei. But also against the "Ratzingerian" Rhonheimer. Who replies in a POSTSCRIPT. And also Cavalcoli, Introvigne... With the counter-reply of Valuet

Benedict XVI the "Reformist." The Prosecution Rests
Introvigne replies to de Mattei, a leader of the anti-conciliarists. And Professor Rhonheimer returns to explain how and why Vatican II must be understood and accepted. In the way indicated by the pope

The Church Is Infallible, But Not Vatican II
And it made mistakes, maintains traditionalist historian Roberto de Mattei. The dispute continues for and against the popes who guided the Council and put its innovations into practice

Who's Betraying Tradition. The Grand Dispute
The discussion is becoming heated over how to interpret the innovations of Vatican Council II, above all on freedom of religion. The traditionalists against Benedict XVI. An essay by philosopher Martin Rhonheimer in support of the pope

The Disappointed Have Spoken. The Vatican responds
Inos Biffi and Agostino Marchetto reply in "L'Osservatore Romano" to the traditionalists Brunero Gherardini and Roberto de Mattei, who criticize the current pope for not having corrected the "errors" of Vatican Council II

High Up, Let Down by Pope Benedict
They are some of the leading traditionalist thinkers. They had wagered on him, and now they feel betrayed. The latest disappointments: the Courtyard of the gentiles and the encounter in Assisi. The accusation that they make against Ratzinger is the same that they make against the Council: having replaced condemnation with dialogue
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