Sunday, July 10, 2011

Education: The Heart of the Matter, Julián Carrón to speak at Benedictine College

Fr. Julián Carrón

Fr. Julián Carrón is the leader of the Catholic ecclesial movement Communion and Liberation worldwide.

He will speak at Benedicting College in Atchison, Kansas on Saturday, July 16 at 2:30 PM in the Amino Center. Fr. Carrón will be introduced by Dr. Kimberly Shankman, Dean of Benedictine College, and will talk about:

"Education: The Heart of the Matter"

"To educate means to help someone understand the elements of reality in their fruitful multiplying, up to a totality which is always the true horizon of our actions. Unless all our actions occur within this horizon, they will remain constricted and so will our management of the real, our offer to society for the good of all." L. Giussani, The Risk of Education, The Crossroad Publishing Company, New York, 2001, p 106
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