Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pope B16 in Germany

Vatican - Pope Benedict XVI's Apostolic Journey to Germany (September 22-25, 2011)

YouTube - The Vatican

"The burning question of Martin Luther must once more become our question too"
The Pope to the Evangelical Church of Germany. Ecumenism stands or falls on the question of God and of evil. The twofold challenge of "evangelical" Protestantism and of secularization. How to revive the faith without watering it down by Benedict XVI
There's a Judge in Berlin. And He Wants King Solomon Back
After Regensburg in 2006 and Paris in 2008, the third grand lecture of this pontificate. Pope Benedict holds it in the German capital, and in heart of its political system. Citing Saint Augustine: "Without justice what else is the state but a great band of robbers?" by Benedict XVI
The Pope in Germany. In the Desert of Faith
In Berlin and Erfurt, Benedict XVI enters into the area of Europe farthest from God. He wants to make it a new mission territory. A report from Chemnitz, where atheists are in the majority and almost no one is baptized anymore by Sandro Magister
NCR - A German pope heads for the Land of Luther by John L. Allen Jr.

ZENIT - Vatican, Lutherans Preparing Document on Reformation - Pope's Trip to Homeland Will Have Ecumenical Focus
According to the Vatican official on ecumenism, the Church and the World Lutheran Federation are preparing a Joint Declaration on the Reformation, in view of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's 95 Theses... The Catholic-Lutheran document will "analyze the Reformation in the light of 2,000 years of Christianity," noted Vatican Radio.

"The joint commemoration of this anniversary could be the occasion for a mutual mea culpa," the report suggested. For Cardinal Koch, "a common purification of the memory" is necessary.

During his trip to Germany, Benedict XVI will visit Erfurt, where Luther carried out part of his studies. Cardinal Koch said that it was the Pope himself who wished to give this trip a notable ecumenical dimension.
Lutheran Hailed Cardinal Ratzinger as Expert on Luther

Luther and the Unity of the Churches by Joseph Ratzinger

Ratzinger on Luther

Joint Declaration
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