Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christ Is Born!

On this day of Christmas the "center of history and the cosmos" became man. God Himself took on human flesh, that of the lineage of Abraham through Joseph in the womb of His mother, our mother, Mary. The meaning of the Incarnation is both deep and rich. A study of it will take a lifetime and even that will not reach the full depth of the profound implications of this mystery. Suffice it to say though that "Christ became man to teach man what it means to be human." Let us recognize on this day the historical fact that God became man. It is a fact which is troubling to the non-believer but beautiful to the believer. On this day let us spend time with the Lord, our family and our friends. Let us see the traces of Him in all those that we encounter. It is through Him that we will find any lasting peace and joy, in both this world and in the next to come.

Catholic Online ~ Love is Born on Christmas Morn - and the Whole World Begins Again by Deacon Keith Fournier

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