Saturday, January 21, 2012

George Jones Debate 1: Rebuttal

Greetings--I'm the "George" of these "George Jones Debates".  Thanks to my old pal for giving me the opportunity to once again correct his misguided thinking.  I think I stand a pretty good chance, too.  I converted "Jones" from a "Reagan-Fanatic" into a supporter of Bill Clinton in 1992.  That being said...

"Jones" has asked me to defend the Obama Administration's recent determination that birth control be covered by Health Care Providers, employers, and (by extension) those who are employed by religious organizations.  He suggests that it is immoral for people to be forced to "purchase" goods and services which violate their moral codes or their personal conscience.  The simple fact is that government can and does require us to do certain things that we may not individually wish to do in order to promote the greater good of society as a whole.

Personally, I would love to have the opportunity to drive my car as fast as I wished through a "school zone".  If I don't want to wear a seatbelt, it should be my right.  Why does the government of my state mandate that I wear a motorcycle helment?  Why am I required to pay for and maintain homeowner's insurance--or car insurance for that matter?  Why should I pay income taxes? The answer is simple.  It is in the best interest of the entire society if I obey traffic laws, maintain insurance, and pay my taxes.

 Under the Affordable Care Act, birth control is viewed as "preventative medical care".  This follows the same logic as why I'm required to carry car insurance.  I am required to carry insurance for one simple reason.  It's not to protect MY assets--it's to protect the assets of SOMEONE ELSE.  If I cause an accident that "totals" an expensive luxury car, I will never be able to pay for the damages.  However, since I carry insurance, those who have had their property damaged due to my negligence, are compensated for their loss.  This decision by the Obama administration is similar.  Women of all faiths have the right to be protected from "accidents".

If religious organizations had won their argument with the Obama Administration, as many as 2 million women (according to US Gov't) would have been denied equal access to birth control.  That is simply not fair.  The laws of this nation should apply equally to all of us.  No one should be able to exempt themselves from governmental regulations.  It's in the best interest of us all.

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