Saturday, January 21, 2012

George Jones Debate 2: The Lesser Angels of Our Nature

Recently, former President Jimmy Carter recently claimed that Newt Gingrich was using the "subtle" language of "racism" in his campaign.  When asked by CNN's Peirs Morgan if he thought Newt was a racist, President Carter responded thusly: 

“Newt Gingrich is probably as enlightened as I am about being gratified that we’re in the desegregation years in the South,” but “when you emphasize, over and over, welfare, food stamps, and ‘why don’t the black people get jobs,’ and if I’m president, I’ll make sure they turn toward a work ethic, rather than an ethic of welfare and food stamps, that’s appealing to the wrong element in South Carolina.”

President Carter is correct.  Newt Gingrich has been subtly blowing his racist "dog whistle" throughout this campaign.  His argument that inner-city school children should be required to work as janitors in order to obtain their free or reduced lunches is one such example.  His pointedly patronizing and contemptuous attitude toward FOX News' Juan Williams is another example.  Recently, at a South Carolina town hall meeting, a questioner thanked Newt for "putting Mr. Juan Williams in his place".  Newt visibly flinched at the question--but did not correct her for using language that came straight out of the "Jim Crow Era" South.  He repeatedly calls Obama "the food stamp president".  Well, when you inherit the economy that 8 years of George W Bush resulted in, of course you are going to have a record number of people on food stamps.

My question is this.  If Newt and his supporters truly wish to unite all Americans, why use the subtle language of the by-gone era of segregation? 

 "Jones", why are so many Republicans still unsure that their President is an American citizen?  Why are so many Republicans convinced that President Obama is secretly a Kenyan Muslim...and a socialist?  Is this why Newt is surging in both the South Carolina and National presidential polls?  Why does the new Republican front-runner seem to be surging to the top of the pack? Is it the fact that he's reading from a script that could have been written by Strom Thurmond and the Dixie-Crats?  

Why does Newt seem to be appealing to the "Lesser Angels of Our Nature"? And, why are so many Republicans thrilled by Newt's  rhetoric?

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