Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why Mitt Romney's Mormonism Does Matter

Catholic Online - David Jones on Why Mitt Romney's Mormonism Does Matter
...One could argue that not voting at all in the Presidential election this cycle is really a vote for Life. Not voting would be a vote against Mitt Romney but not a cooperation with evil by supporting a Pro-Choice candidate like our current President. The Republican establishment must stop endorsing and supporting weak (or nominal) Pro-Life Presidential candidates.
Ultimately, politics is about winning. If Republicans continue to lose Presidential elections, elections which they should have won, maybe, just maybe, they will finally wake up. Let us pray this occurs. It is about time for the Republican establishment to stop giving lip-service to the dignity of the unborn. Saving the lives of thousands of innocent and defenseless unborn children depend on us and how we vote, or not vote, this election cycle.  TO READ MORE CLICK HERE.
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