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Eastern Catholics - Are They “Orthodox”?

Do you desire unity with the Pope or holiness of Eastern Orthodox spirituality, worship and prayer?  If you desire unity with the Pope you will not have the later.  If you desire the later than you must sacrifice unity with the Pope.  Is unity more important than holiness?

Hieromonk Gabriel (Bunge)

Father Gabriel (Bunge) “Orthodoxy is the Fruit of My Whole Life as a Christian and a Monk”

One Can't Learn to Pray Sitting in a Warm Armchair

Papism as the Oldest Protestantism by the Blessed Fr. Justin (Popovich)

Christianity or the Papacy? An Appeal to Roman Catholics by Hieromonk Ambrose (Alexey Young)

Two Paths: Papal Monarchy — Collegial Traditions by Michael Whelton

Rod Dreher
Crunchy Con’s Conversion Crisis

What’s So Appealing About Orthodoxy?

Eastern Right - Conservative minds convert to Orthodox Christianity by Rod Dreher

Conservatism and Orthodoxy by Daniel Larison

Eastern Orthodoxy and Westerners by Daniel Larison

Ancient Faith Radio - The Illumined Heart podcast

168 - Eastern Catholics - Are They “Orthodox”?
March 31, 2011 Length: 40:00
There are over 20 ancient Eastern Christian churches in communion with the Pope of Rome whose liturgies and "ethos" are more "Orthodox" than their Latin-Rite brothers. Some of them claim to be "Orthodox in communion with Rome". Some Orthodox disagree, calling them (pejoratively) "Uniates" or Eastern Rite Catholics, who have made significant compromises to come into such communion. In this episode host Kevin Allen speaks with Melkite (Eastern Catholic) priest Father James Babcock about the similarities and differences between Eastern Orthodox, Eastern Catholics and the Roman Catholic Church.

170 - A Byzantine Catholic’s journey to, from and back again to the Orthodox Church
April 28, 2011 Length: 41:06
Jeremy (Basil) Dannnebohm was an ardent young Catholic. What made him journey from his cradle Church to the Eastern Orthodox Church, only to return to Rome and then revert to Orthodoxy? His story is on this episode of the Illumined Heart.

Journey to Orthodoxy
The Byzantine Catholic Road to Orthodoxy

Byzantine Catholics

Roman Catholics

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