Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Next Four Years

Blaze Analysis: The Catholic Vote Went to Obama Over Romney Despite Contraception & Religious Freedom Debates

Obama wins with the Catholic vote — UPDATED - The Next Four Years by Dr. Jeff Mirus
In the wake of yesterday’s election results, it is clear that the Republican Party did not offer a credible candidate or a credible platform, at least as far as most Americans were concerned. It certainly offered neither one as far as serious Catholics are concerned...
The Catholic Thing - What the Election Means by Fr. Phillip de Vous
Given the Catholic Church’s failure adequately to address the cultural, political, and even existential threat posed to it by President Obama’s agenda, the credibility of the Church’s witness has been further eroded and weakened, making it less likely to be courageous and effective in speaking the hard truths necessary for personal, ecclesial, and national renewal...
Election Reflection for Warrior Catholics
“Wartime Heroes” always seem clumsy, brutish, unpolished, unrefined etc. when things are going swell and dandy and everyone has enough food to eat. Wartime heroes don’t know how to make a martini and don’t have a room full of stogies, but when peacetime evaporates, no one gives a dang about priests and bishops and leaders that are “refined” and “dignified”, people turn to warrior priests and warrior Catholics…they will turn to us soon…and we will be ready...
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