Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Santorum Update - Feb. 28th

Momentum back toward Santorum in MI? - Public Policy Polling

WSJ - Rick Santorum: My Economic Freedom Agenda

The Right Scoop
Rick Santorum interviews on the Sunday Circuit

Santorum: Romney is uniquely unqualified to take on Obama

Rick Santorum on Fox and Friends

The Weekly Standard
Michigan Mo? by Bill Kristol

A Quick Spending Scorecard

ABC - Santorum Campaign Invites Democratic Votes In Michigan Robo-Call

Ricochet - David and Goliath in Michigan

Wash. Post - Conservatives take dimmer view of Romney ahead of voting

The Hill - Romney and Santorum hurtle to a photo finish in Michigan

Santorum super PAC robos against 'Romneycare'

Santorum to Romney: Stop whining

Santorum forecasts Michigan 'surprise'

Romney: Santorum trying to 'kidnap' the primary

Breaking: conservatives still not wild about Romney

PPP floats Dem bump for Santorum

Daytona 500: Rick Santorum's driver makes run

'Santorum strategy' at Daytona?

'No one's excited about Mitt Romney,' pro-Santorum mailer declares

Santorum on top in second straight Ohio poll

TRENDING: Democrats in Michigan explain crossover vote campaign

Santorum maintains lead in Ohio

Santorum ahead before Tennessee Super Tuesday vote

Santorum on robo call criticism: I can take it

Top Republican predicts consequences if Romney loses Michigan

Borger: New case of class warfare - between Santorum and Romney

Santorum robo call to Democrats: Send a message to Romney

Pastor backing Santorum claims Romney is not a Christian

Santorum adviser on Michigan: 'We have already won'

Source: Santorum to receive Secret Service protection

Limbaugh front and center in pro-Santorum mailer

Gibbs: Santorum has ‘legitimate chance’ at nomination

C-SPAN Video - Rick Santorum Rallies Supporters in Kalamazoo

Friday, February 17, 2012

Santorum Update - Feb. 17

Numbers Suggest Santorum Could Be Romney's Worst Nightmare - A Commentary by Scott Rasmussen

The Detroit News - Romney, Santorum make pitches to Michigan voters - GOP hopefuls slam Obama, focus on economy, bailouts

Fox News - Santorum challenges Romney on home turf of Michigan

Pro-Santorum super PAC goes positive in Michigan

Romney super PAC escalates Santorum-bombing campaign

Rick Santorum disavows Foster Friess’ comments

Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum sell nostalgia in Michigan

Santorum targets Mich. voters with Limbaugh Web ad

Santorum: Romney favored Wall Street bailout, but not Detroit bailout

Santorum to pick up Romney supporter

Anti-abortion group backs Santorum

Poll: Santorum remains on top in Michigan
Also notable, among likely Republican primary voters who will definitely vote in the primary, Santorum held an even wider advantage over Romney, 38% to 30%. And among self-identified independents and Democrats, Santorum led with 40% to Romney's 27%.

Michigan has an open primary in which any registered voter can participate...
Santorum touts auto manufacturing roots in Detroit

Santorum's birth control remarks scrutinized

Santorum, Romney allies going all-in in Michigan

Santorum paid double Romney's tax rate in 2010, records show

The Right Scoop - Rick Santorum interview on Hannity Radio
This is probably one of the best interviews I’ve heard with Rick Santorum. It is definitely worth listening to especially if you want to hear him talk, not only about the false attacks on him as a big government Republican, but to hear him explain his votes for No Child Left Behind and the prescription drug benefit which get brought up a lot, especially from those who simply support another candidate. He admits he was wrong on the former and says he will pay for the latter and I must admit, I find him sincere in his explanations. In fact, taking a full measure of the man, I find him to be nearly as sincere as they come. I also like that he isn’t getting a big head with his latest poll numbers...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Santorum Update - Feb. 16th

Watch live streaming video from freeplive at livestream.com

RealClearPolitics - Santorum, Romney Ramp Up for Super Tuesday Battles

TheDC - Santorum has 18-point lead over Romney in Ohio

Red White & Blue blitz in Michigan (UPDATED)

Detroit News poll: Santorum by 4

Exclusive: Santorum releases four years of tax returns

Santorum super PAC going up big in Michigan (UPDATED)

The next ROF hit

Kristol stokes the anti-Romney flames

Friess in for the long haul

Santorum tops new poll in Michigan

Pro-Santorum super PAC ads to go up in Michigan

Santorum took in $3.6M in four years; highest tax rate was 28.3%

TRENDING: Ad wars to intensify

Santorum to North Dakota: Terrorists 'will bother you'

Morning Joe
Howard Dean: Santorum has said a lot of incredibly intolerant things

Hide your sweater vests: Megadeth singer psyched for Santorum

Red, White, and Spending Strategically

John ‘Rombo’

The Atlantic - Michigan: A Firewall for Romney—or the Bonfire of His Hopes?

The Detroit News - Santorum's life reflects faith, family, fiscal values

The Detroit Free Press - Santorum: I wouldn't have supported auto rescue or Wall Street bailout

USA Today - Santorum releases tax returns for 2007-10

The Right Scoop - Piers Morgan to Santorum: Why do you hate women?

AP - Romney Struggling to Attract White Working Class

The New Yorker - Poor, White, and Republican

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Surge of Rick Santorum and the Road to the Nomination

Catholic Online - David Jones on the Surge of Rick Santorum and the Road to the Nomination
A key bellwether state for both Super Tuesday and the General Election is Ohio. It is a must win state for Republicans. If Santorum can win both Michigan and Ohio, he will be well on his way to earning enough delegates to win the Republican nomination. It would put him in an enormous position of strength before going into Texas on April 3d. Rick Santorum is not an Anti-Romney candidate. He is our conservative alternative to President Obama...
Il Sussidiario - US ELECTIONS/ Santorum gains ground

Santorum Update - Feb. 15th

NYTimes - Rick Santorum’s Pincer Movement by ROSS DOUTHAT

The Other McCain - Sincerity, Courage and Other Secrets Behind the Surprising Santorum Surge

Wash. Post - Can Rick Santorum become more than ‘not Romney’?

The Weekly Standard
Going After Rick

Was Santorum a Senate Spendthrift?

Santorum adviser confirms ad buys in five additional states

Romney laughs off 'Rombo' ad

Another Santorum Michigan lead

Santorum ad hits Mitt's 'mud'

Poll: Santorum leads Ohio

WSJ: Adelson eyes anti-Santorum role

Santorum tries to set expectations for Michigan

Santorum's campaign discussing an ask for Secret Service protection

Santorum on Obama White House: 'Elitist snobs' for dissing Ryan plan

Restore Our Future opens attack on Santorum

Santorum jokes about Obama grades, professorship

Santorum readies ads in Arizona

Poll: Santorum jumps in Arizona

TRENDING: Mud gun aids Santorum bid in new ad

Santorum slams Obama administration as 'elite snobs'

Santorum: Tax returns 'should be out soon'

Reuters - Romney returns to familiar playbook to stop rival Santorum

Boston Globe - Santorum surge forces Romney to shift focus

The Right Scoop - Santorum: Growth in entitlements designed to make you care less about your freedom

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Santorum Update - Feb. 14th

RealClearPolitics - Santorum Takes Lead Nationally

CNN Breaking News
Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are virtually tied nationally in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, a CNN/ORC poll shows.

Santorum more than doubled his support since last month. Among Republicans and independents who lean toward the GOP, 34% say they back Santorum and 32% back Romney. The margin is well within the survey's sampling error.

The poll numbers indicate a split in the Republican Party that goes deeper than ideology, with signs of a gender gap and disagreement between white-collar and blue-collar voters.
The American Spectator - Santorum's Second Surge

One more national poll(CBS/NYTimes): Santorum ties Mitt

Romney backer will decide Santorum's fate on Ind. ballot

Santorum going up in Michigan

Limbaugh on Romney's CPAC straw poll win: 'It doesn't mean one thing'

First Thoughts: Here we go again

2012: Romney vs. Santorum

Morning Joe
Will Michigan be a 'true existential threat' for Romney?

The time Rick Santorum reminded me of the "London Calling" video

Newsmax - Romney, Santorum In Dead Heat for the GOP Nomination

WSJ - Low Turnout and the Big Tune-Out by Peggy Noonan

Santorum goes up with ads in Michigan

Rick Santorum’s Cascade Effect

The Weekly Standard - Romney-Santorum Michigan Ad War Begins

Boston Herald - Rick Santorum ready to tangle with Mitt Romney in Mich.

TheDC - Indiana Election Commission, led by Romney state co-chair, to decide Santorum's ballot fate

The Right Scoop - Rush: How the left is going after Rick Santorum with contraception

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Santorum Update - Feb. 8th

Catholic Online - Rick Santorum Resets the Race: Wins Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado and a Path to the Nomination by Keith Fournier

AP - Santorum Wins Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri

The Daily Caller - Tuesday Treble ~ Santorum rocks Romney with Minn., Mo., Colo. victories

Reuters - Three-state sweep revives Santorum's White House hopes

WSJ - Santorum Delivers a GOP Stunner

Fox News - Santorum shakes up GOP race with three-for-three finish

CBS News - Santorum stunner: Sweeps 3 GOP contests

NYTimes - Santorum Upsets G.O.P. Race With Three Victories

LATimes - Rick Santorum wins Republican votes in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado

Official Colorado results are in

Team Santorum increasing its ranks

Santorum: GOP race now in 'no man's land'

Santorum claims momentum after 3-state sweep

Five things we learned from Tuesday's Santorum sweep

Santorum claims strong fundraising after Tuesday wins

Romney will take tougher approach to Santorum, adviser says

First Thoughts: Romney gets rejected

2012: Santorum’s sweep

Santorum gets second wind with sweep in Minn., Mo., Colo.

Huckabee: After last night, 'Nobody is the inevitable anything'

Santorum says he's raised $250k overnight

The Santorum counter-attack

In Republican 2012 presidential race, Rick Santorum roars back

Rick Santorum: We've got momentum

Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado results: A sweep for Santorum

Primary and caucus results: 7 takeaways from Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri

The Weekly Standard - Was Yesterday Super Tuesday? by Bill Kristol

Three Lessons from the ‘Beauty Contests’

What Santorum’s Wins Mean by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Santorum Looks to Michigan

Monday, February 06, 2012

Romney & America As the New Israel

TAC Rod Dreher - Romney & America As the New Israel

Related Posts - Romney's Mormon beliefs

Halftime in America

Rick Santorum: Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor

Catholic Online - David Jones on Rick Santorum: Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor
Senator Santorum spoke from his heart, from his core convictions, in a way I have never personally heard a politician speak before. It wasn't just the flowery symbolic rhetoric and platitudes that we typically hear from politicians who are speaking on the campaign trail. He had a real message, a message that moves and changes hearts. My parents, boys and I left there blown away. He made us proud to be an American. It has been long time since I have felt this way, not since Ronald Reagan...

Santorum Update - Feb. 6th

NRO - Again, Why Not Santorum?

The Weekly Standard - Good News for Rick Santorum!

Politico - Righty mags for Santorum

Fox News
Upcoming states could serve as bulkhead for GOP candidates fighting Romney

Santorum, Romney campaign trade blows heading into Midwest

Santorum Tours Sweater Vest Factory

Photo op: Santorum to visit Minnesota plant that makes his famous sweater vests

ABC News - Santorum Mixes Football and Faith

Wash. Post
Santorum has his shot

Rick Santorum: We'll do ‘exceptionally well’ in Missouri

The Daily Caller - Heading to Minnesota and Missouri, Romney campaign swings at Santorum
“If Governor Romney is confident running on his record and his vision for the future, he would,” Santorum advisor Hogan Gidley told The Daily Caller in response to the attacks. “But Gov. Romney does what he always does and directs his well-funded attack machine to destroy the opponent. Mitt Romney’s act is tired, old and wearing thin with voters, and I suspect at this point, with the media too. Romney never touts his own record — because it’s abysmal. In the Republican Party we have a name for someone who supports government healthcare mandates, big bank bailouts, and radical cap and trade initiatives — we call them Democrats.”
Santorum: Romney 'unqualified' and 'dead wrong' on healthcare

Romney campaign targets Santorum

Team Romney shifts laser to Santorum

Ken Buck: Colorado is a Romney vs. Santorum race

Santorum campaign says it has more signatures for Indiana ballot

Pawlenty: Santorum 'deserves to be ... in the back-and-forth of the campaigns'

Santorum: 'Romneycare' a disqualifier

YAHOO - Santorum hopes to 'reset' Republican race in Minnesota

The Right Scoop - Second Chances: Santorum on the rise?

CSPAN Video - Rick Santorum Discusses Energy Policy



Audio: Rick Santorum's New Radio Ad, "Out Of This World"

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Santorum Update - 1 Feb

CSPAN Video - Rick Santorum: "Republicans Can Do Better"

Florida primary: Rick Santorum says Newt Gingrich ‘had his opportunity’

Rick Santorum: Newt Gingrich blew it

Santorum drops $100k on national radio, dings Newt over Florida

Rush Limbaugh shows Rick Santorum some love

Rick Santorum cash surges in January

Santorum looks past Florida

Santorum goes after Gingrich in new ad

ABC News - Rick Santorum Raises Heat on ‘RomneyCare’

Wash. Time - HAGELIN: Santorum a captain worthy of ship of state

Catholic Online - In the Wake of the Florida Fiasco, Time to Consider Bella Santorum's Dad, Rick by Keith Fournier

The Weekly Standard - Why February Could Matter by Bill Kristol

The Santorum Girls

re: The Santorum Girls

Krauthammer’s Take
On Rick Santorum’s prospects after Florida:

I think [he's] staying in. I think the real sleeper event could be in Missouri. Missouri doesn’t have any delegates. It’s only a beauty contest. But Gingrich isn’t on the ballot. I think for Santorum, this is his great opportunity. He’d be essentially one-on-one with Romney. Of course, Ron Paul will get his share of the vote as he always does.

But it would be a place where he [Santorum] could say, assuming he were to win [Missouri] — he could say, look, if Gingrich is the one that drops out and not me, I’m the one who can unite the non-establishment… grassroots against Romney and win in a general election.

I think this is his one opportunity — particularly because he has tried to take the high road, as we saw in the debate last week where he said: It is OK that Newt worked in Washington and it’s OK if Romney is a rich guy, he earned it. He [Santorum] is the one who is probably the least toxic as the compromise nominee if you’re either in the Romney camp or the Newt camp.
Politico - Santorum super PAC goes up in Missouri

CNN - Group backing Santorum running ads in Missouri