Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Fr. Michael Plekon

Official Homepage - Baruch College

Becoming the Jesus Prayer by Fr. Michael Plekon

The Church of the Holy Spirit- Nicolas Afanasiev’s Vision of the Eucharist and the Church by Michael Plekon

A Theologian of God's Beauty, A Life of Service by Fr. Michael Plekon

Father Lev Gillet: The Monk in the City, a Pilgrim in many worlds by Fr. Michael Plekon

Maria Skobtsova: Woman of Many Faces, Mother in Many Ways by Fr. Michael Plekon

Living Icons: Teachers of Our Past and Our Future by Fr. Michael Plekon

The Marketing of "Spirituality": Discerning its Spirit by Fr. Michael Plekon

Eastern Catholic Books - Authorial Interview: Fr. Michael Plekon

Patheos - Holiness In Our Time: A Q and A with Author Michael Plekon

Ancient Faith Radio, The Illumnied Heart - 132: Holiness In Our Time (audio)
Fr Michael Plekon, author of newly-released "Hidden Holiness" speaks with Kevin about the "crisis of holiness in our time" and the shape and form holiness can take in our day and age, both within and outside of our Orthodox Christian Tradition. Can St. Seraphim of Sarov and the Dalai Lama equally be called "holy"?

Books and Culture - Solus Christianus, Nullus Christianus ~ On holiness.

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