Friday, October 18, 2013

Bishop Conley - Ecclesia Semper Reformanda Est

Catholic Pulse - Ecclesia Semper Reformanda Est by Bishop James D. Conley
In the wake of the Council, one of Europe’s greatest bishops wrote that the Catholic Church had become like a naval battle, in which “the ships are driven to and fro by a raging tempest, while thick darkness falls from the clouds and blackens all the scene, so that watchwords are indistinguishable in confusion, and all distinction between friend and foe is lost.”[1]  
There are not a few who would agree with this assessment and appreciate the imagery. By many accounts, the Church today is in a state of crisis. Increasing secularism and disregard for basic and fundamental doctrines, we’re told, runs rampant.  
There is real truth to these accounts. In the past 50 years, the Church has seen significant battles — and considerable confusion — about even the most basic understanding of the Gospel mission. But the bishop who wrote about the Church in the raging tempest, waging a great naval battle, wasn’t talking about a skirmish that began in 1965, with the close of the Second Vatican Council. The bishop was St. Basil the Great, and he was writing about the Council of Nicaea, which ended in AD 325... TO READ MORE CLICK THE LINK ABOVE.
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