Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Evangelical theologian lauds "Christocentric legacy" of Benedict XVI

CWR - Evangelical theologian lauds "Christocentric legacy" of Benedict XVI
Also, three Evangelical NT scholars from North America will participate in symposium sponsored by Joseph Ratzinger Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation by Carl E. Olson
The "legacy of Pope Benedict," Beorsma concludes, "is the witness of a thorough-going Christological focus. This Christocentrism should warm the heart of evangelical believers, for it is the centrality of Christ that enables us to overcome the narrow-mindedness of a culture whose only remaining norms are those of the flattened horizons of this world." He encourages Evangelicals to really listen to Catholics and consider carefully the Catholic emphasis on "real presence." He recognizes that serious disagreements still exist and so he does not appeal to a spirit of indifferentism, but to a shared belief in Christ, one that is radically opposed to the "relativism of a flat culture"...

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