Thursday, December 18, 2014

Going to Hell with the Terrorists and Torturers

Glory to God for All Things - Going to Hell with the Terrorists and Torturers
Torture is wrong. Justify it if you will, but it remains wrong.

...But there is something of far greater value that is too easily missed in our current round of hand-wringing. It is the dark places of the human heart that we see and quickly cover in the wrangle of debate. It is a place where our thoughts should linger.
For the place of torture and the smashing angry insanity that drives a plane into towers dwell in the same dark heart – and the heart belongs to us all. Some will protest immediately that I am drawing some kind of moral equivalency. One act is done to save lives, the other to destroy them. But it is not any kind of moral anything that I wish to draw. Rather it is our attention to the true character of the human heart.
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