Monday, June 06, 2005

a suggested reading list

For all those that are interested in the Ressourcement Movement, here is a great list of proposed reading given to me by a close friend... We were talking about our favorite authors and books in this movement or school of thought, not to the mention, the overall history of the movement. Many of the books listed below are classics, real gems of some of the best minds of last century.

Portal of the Mystery of Hope - fatherhood and hope

Prayer: the Mission of the Church - the unity of contemplation and action

Letters from Lake Como - human culture as synthesized in Italy

De Lubac
Catholicism - especially the appendix, selections from the tradition
Drama of Atheist Humanism - what we need to learn from the atheists

Threefold Garland - Balthasar's summa
First Glance at Adrienne von Speyr/Our Task - Balthasar's mission was interdependent on Adrienne's
Prayer - introduction to contemplative prayer. I can never get through this as it always leads me to pray instead
Mysterium Paschale - Balthasar's Christology of kenosis, Holy Saturday. Textbook style.
Explorations in Theology II: Spouse of the Word - includes the below key essays
"Who is the Church?"
"The Layman and the Church"
"Casta Meretrix" (prostitution images of Israel and the Church in the fathers!)
"Office in the Church"
"Israel and the Church"
"a Theology of Secular Institutes"
Laity in the Life of the Counsels - Balthasar's essays tracing the history of the orders and movements
Tragedy Under Grace - dedicated to the secular institutes for a reason
Engagement with God - dedicated to Luigi Giussani and CL
Two Sisters in the Spirit: Therese of Lisieux and Elizabeth of the Trinity
Scandal of the Incarnation
: Irenaeus
Origen: Spirit and Fire
Cosmic Liturgy: Maximus
Presence and Thought: Gregory of Nyssa
Grain of Wheat - aphorisms, very helpful short bits
In the Fullness of Faith - Catholicism and Lutheranism, short chapters
Test Everything - Scola's interview of Balthasar

von Speyr's
The Christian State of Life - proposing God's will at every stage of life: Christian formation
Handmaid of the Lord - Adrienne's central insight on the fiat of Mary

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Fred said...

Von Speyr's commentaries on Ephesians and Colossians are also well worth reading.