Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Re-Viewing Vatican II

FTs - An Interview with George A. Lindbeck by George Weigel


Anonymous said...


Thank you for posting this. This is wonderful, and very important. If you notice Lindbeck's sympathy as an ecumenicist with the Ressourcment theologians, one sees the convergence of the Protestant "Yale School" with the Communio and Radical Orthodoxy.

John W.

Anonymous said...

bLindbeck: I suppose that, speculatively, you could connect his experiences as nuncio in France with the Council, in that John XXIII wanted a Church that had a good degree of openness, so that there could be frank and free discussion without politically correct terrorists frightening people. But that, you see, is a desire to establish an openness that would make real conversation possible. And while it fits in with the Pope's character, it's also hard to make into a program.