Thursday, October 27, 2005

Peter Augustine Lawler

Dr. Lawler is Professor of Government at Berry College in Georgia. He is author of Postmodernism Rightly Understood: The Return to Realism in American Thought (1999), and editor of the quarterly journal Perspectives on Political Science.

In March 2004, Dr. Lawler was named to the President's Council on Bioethics, chaired by Leon Kass.

Online Articles

tNP ~ The American Individual Today

FTs ~ Orestes Brownson and the Truth About America

P.A.L. at Find Articles

NRO ~ Back to Nature

The New Altantis ~ The Caregiving Society (w/ links to previous articles)

Dallas Morning News ~ Crisis of caring

The Challenge for Liberal Education Today

Guest Commentary for the Ashbook Center

Bennett’s Point:Babies are Good!

The Libertarian Threat to Human Liberty

Online Lectures

Are We All Libertarians Now?

Democracy in America

Does Human Nature Have a Future?

Leadership and Virtue in America Today

The Limits of American Utopian Imagination: Reflections on David Brooks, Poet of Our Middle Class

The Problem of Technology

Tocqueville, Biotechnology, and the Future of Human Liberty

ISI Books
Contributor to Vital Remnants
Author of Aliens in America
Introduction to The American Republic
Contributor to Doomed Bourgeois In Love
Author of Stuck With Virtue

ISI Journals
Homeless on "Paradise Drive" — Fall/Winter 2005 IR

Liberal Conservatism, Not Conservative Liberalism, a review of Scruton’s The Meaning of Conservatism — Fall 2003/Spring 2004 IR

Conservative Postmodernism, Postmodern Conservatism — Fall 2002 IR

Nature, Grace, and The Last Days of Disco — Spring 2000 IR

The Dissident Professor — Spring 1999 IR

Democratic Therapy and the End of Community — Spring 1997 IR

Tocqueville and Revolution in His Souvenirs — Spring 1991 IR

Additional Information
Additional information about Peter Augustine Lawler is available through Mars Hill Audio.

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