Friday, May 18, 2007

Nouvelle Théologie


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Fr. D.L. Jones said...

The article states "However, the later two – Ratzinger and Daniélou – later distanced themselves and their theology from the thinking of Nouvelle Théologie." An important distinction or clarification should be about this point. After the Council, Nouvelle Théologie split into two camps - Concilium and Communio. Rahner, Küng, & Schillebeeckx were in Concilium. De Lubac, Balthasar, Danielou, Wojtyla and Ratzinger went in the later camp. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin deceased before the Council began but de Lubac was very close to him and was put in charge of his defense. Ratzinger was involved initially in Concilium but later left it once Communio was formed. Concilium formed during the immediate aftermath of the Council. Communio didn't form until approx. 3 years later.

I would like some others to comment on which camp Congar, Chenu and Gilson fell into. Congar floated between the too but I'm not exactly sure where he landed. I'm not even sure if you can place Chenu or Gilson in either camp. On top of all of this you have the division between the Jesuits and Dominicans, but some of these guys regardless of their religious order were firmly planted in one camp or the other.