Thursday, June 27, 2019

Notes from the Catacombs Sessions -- Water to Wine Gathering 2019 (W2W19)

Something new is occurring, a new beginning. To name it is to reduce it, to flatten it, to deny some aspect of reality that we all experienced there. A Holy Spirit filled event of friends, which goes beyond names or definitions, gathered in St. Joseph, Missouri, over a 3-day period (June 13–15, 2019) to worship, to pray, to hear testimonies and amazing talks, and to fellowship. 
This event occurred at World of Life Church by the invite of Pastors Brian and Peri Zahnd to call together their friends, and through them to their friends and family members, to the Water to Wine Gathering. This is the second year of the meeting of friends at the Water to Wine Gathering (W2W19). This year Brian and Peri Zahnd led the gathering with Joe Beach, Jonathan Martin, Cheryl Bridges Johns, Sarah Bessey, and Rich Villodas... TO READ MORE CLICK HERE.

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