Sunday, January 01, 2006

the use of the term neoconservative

Somebody better tell Fr. Neuhaus to stop using this term. He edited a book, which openly used the terms "theocon" and "neocon," but even as recent as the December 2005 issue of FTs, he specifically uses the term himself in his own column, The Public Square, pg. 78. Don't apply an arbitrary rule to me that your own camp does not use itself.

This topic has been addressed many, many times over the history of this blog. Personally I prefer the terms Whig Thomists and Augustinian Thomists b/c it's something both camps openly agree upon. It was Michael Novak who really coined the term "Whig Thomist" and began using it to describe his position and other like minded orthodox Catholic scholars, i.e. Weigel, Neuhaus, Sirico, etc. Tracey Rowland followed this up with coining the term "Augustinian Thomist," which described the position of the opposite camp of orthodox Catholic scholars, i.e. Schindler, etc.

Now sometimes it's appropriate to use the term "neoconservative or neocon" for it has came to mean those people that support the foreign policy of the Bush presidency. Even Fr. Neuhaus alludes to this in his above December column. So instead of whining about the use of "labels" deal with the facts of the War in Iraq and other imperialistic objectives of W's foreign policy.
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