Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Jones Roundup 10

My dear friend Eric has done an AMAZING job on this new website.
New Discussion Forum for the Theology & Philosophy Centre
Ensure to check it out and make comments!

I recommend the following papers by Dr. John Milbank:

The Future Of Love: A reading of Benedict XVI’s encyclical Deus Caritas Est

Liberality versus Liberalism

Geopolitical Theology: Economy, Religion and Empire after 9/11
(It's only 114 pages! Refer to the Cliffnotes version on pgs. 112-13.)


Richard John Neuhaus writes:
There’s been a flood of responses to the “Meet the Press” show that aired on Sunday. By the way, for those of you who wondered what I was doing on television on Easter Sunday morning, don’t worry. I was saying Mass at Immaculate Conception here in Manhattan. The program was taped the previous Wednesday.

Thanks to all of you who thought I did reasonably well, or even a little better than that. Many others thought I was unspeakably arrogant. Me, arrogant? My chief offense, it seems, was beating up on that sweet little nun. Sister Joan Chittister is no sweet little nun. I did gently advise her to “consult the Catechism” on the difference between the Church’s teaching on abortion and on capital punishment. I’m told that Laura Ingraham repeated that little intervention throughout her talk show the next day.

The most telling exchange, it seemed to me, was when Sister Joan was prompted to say that she includes abortion among those “new things” on which the Church needs to change its teaching. As new, one might note, as 1,900 years ago when the Didache explained that one of the chief differences between Christians and the surrounding pagan society is that Christians do not kill unborn children.

Some of you wondered why I didn’t challenge Rabbi Michael Lerner of Tikkun on his convoluted trashing of the American people as a horde of consumerist warmongers, or whatever. Where would one begin? With only one hour in such a target-rich environment, one must be very selective.

And yes, those of you who criticized Tim Russert for not including an evangelical representative of the “religious right” have a point. In Mr. Russert’s defense, however, I expect he thought Joel Osteen represented that sector of the national conversation. Osteen is much less Charles Colson or James Dobson than he is Norman Vincent Peale or Robert Schuler. In certain media worlds, these distinctions are not apparent. “What’s the difference? They’re all evangelicals aren’t they?” Well, not quite. You see...
Here is the written transcript & video of this Meet the Press program.

Richard John Neuhaus comments about immigration.



War of Wills - Behind the summit smiles, China may pose the most serious challenge to America and its global vision.

American Theocracy

Jim Wallis, Progressive Evangelical, for President

In These Times - Hotel Workers’ Rising Tide, A “Movement for Equality” tops UNITE HERE’s agenda

America Back on Track

Our next President... Here is his new book & movie.


The Japery - The Neocal Boss

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