Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Jones Roundup 9

The New Berchet Blog is back!

Deep Furrows - Behold the Wood of the Cross on which Hung the Savior of the World

Balthasar on Holy Saturday and Easter: The prison doors of Hades

Balthasar on The Magic of Holy Saturday (page down until you see the title of this post) - Men Like Gods & The Resurrection (1) by Malcolm Muggeridge - A Personal Remembrance of Dorothy Day
From Love is the Measure, a biography of Dorothy Day, published by Orbis Books by Jim Forest

Against the Grain - Pope Benedict Roundup - Easter 2006, a Birthday and a One Year Anniversary

Benedict XVI, One Year Later: What’s New
One of the innovations introduced by pope Joseph Ratzinger is special: listening to questions in public and replying to all of them, off the cuff. He has done this with young people, priests, children by Sandro Magister

Ignatius Insight Scoop - Pope Benedict XVI's Rookie Year?

An amazing story (below link) on how God's Invisible Hand came about to be published.

GodSpy - Unleashing the Laity (or, how to revive a Catholic parish)
It's been forty years since Vatican II and we're still waiting for lay Catholics to get energized. But a priest in Boston (yes, Boston) may have found the key to church renewal at the parish level: Let the laity loose by Harold Fickett

Inside the Vatican - Interview with Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad Kirill about Catholic-Orthodox relations

ZENIT - The Next Step in Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue, Interview With Vatican's Representative in Moscow

Common Sense 101: Lessons From G.K. Chesterton by Dale Ahlquist - Reflecting on the Iraq War and Christian Principles by Frank J. Capone

An On the Square must read post

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