Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ignatius Press megapost June 2007

I've received the Ignatius Press catalog for years. I've always appreciated the service that they've provided by translating Balthasar, von Speyr, de Lubac, and of course Ratzinger. But in the most recent catalog, I see something new: Sapientia Press of Ave Maria University.

Nice books by Peter Milward, Aidan Nichols, and others on Aquinas, Hopkins, Chaucer. This one from the website looks interesting also:

Mounier and Maritain - A French Catholic Understanding of the Modern World
by Joseph A. Amato

A study of Emmanuel Mounier, founder of Personalism, and Jacques Maritian, significant contributor to revival of Catholic thought and Thomism, and two generations of French Catholic intellectuals, this book examines the gulf between nineteenth century Catholic tradition and the twentieth-century European events.

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