Saturday, September 26, 2009

Christ is Everything in Everyone

"As opposed to the movement spoken of before, from No to Yes, as opposed to this flight from sin and toward God, which appeared as a human activity, a stripping off and a putting on, now only Christ remains visible. The whole meaning of conversion, the whole meaning of the divine image in man rests in him. Man is in the process of becoming; Christ, however, is. So much is he, that he is all and in all, so that no one can deny his presence within. He is not 'here, but not there.' does not prefer this place while avoiding that one, does not incline to one and flee another; he is everywhere and in everyone. This is the image of redemption brought to completion, indeed, the image of eternity in heaven, which has taken up all the places and times on earth into itself. And this is no longer the first creation with its localized paradise and one single man within it; this is the entire world with all its inhabitants, gathered in Christ. He is Place; he is Time, in that he is the time of each individual and has pitched his tent, taken up his abode in each one. If one were to ask about the meaning of such omnipresence and about the meaning of human life therein, the answer could come only in him, in his teaching and his relation to the Father and to the Spirit."
Adrienne von Speyr, Colossians 121-122. Commenting on Colossians 3:11.
As far as I'm concerned the most accessible books of Adrienne are her commentaries on scripture: Ephesians, Colossians...
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