Saturday, June 12, 2010

Christian Life Is Eschatological

"According to Jesus, the kingdom is neither something that is to come only in the future nor something that has already come, but rather something 'in the process of coming,' and this includes and brings together both aspects in a mysterious way. [...] The Bible calls this mysterious web of temporality, the 'fullness of time'" (Balthasar, The Laity and the Life of the Counsels, 180)
A bit further on...
"Thus two movements of 'eschatological' life come into being, from two antithetical positions, 'states of life': some are called out, stand beside the Lord, and walk with him, following the movement of his Incarnation from the Father to the world, to men, in a Christian mission, in order then to return to him and find the pole of their rest in him. The others stand 'in the world,' but with the inner unrest that continually urges them beyond: looking to see where he might be, following him into the wilderness 'like sheep without a shepherd,' persevering, hoping, and giving thanks and praise when they have received something" (181).
With Balthasar, there's always more unpacking, more nuances, but this bit here conveys the key insight.
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