Saturday, June 12, 2010

Year of Priests Conclusion

Deacon Scott Dodge links to Benedict XVI's closing homily, and to Fr. Carrón's article on the Year of Priests:

And here is Fr. Carrón's article:
"I will never forget the impact of a question at a spiritual retreat with some priests in Latin America. I had just finished saying that often our faith lacks the human, when a priest approached me and said that when he was in seminary, they taught him that it was better to hide his concrete humanity, not to have it in sight 'because it disturbed the journey of faith.' This episode made me more aware of how Christianity can be reduced and of the state of confusion in which we are called to live our priestly vocation. Once someone asked Fr. Giussani his advice for a young priest, 'That he be above all a man,' he answered, to the surprise of those present. We find ourselves at the polar opposite of the advice given the seminarian: on the one hand, to look away from one’s humanity, and on the other, a gaze full of fondness for oneself."
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